The Company

The company was established by a team with years of experience in industry and agriculture. The strategy of our team is to evaluate market potential and opportunities in IRAN to design our roadmap. through R&D approaches we invest in projects in niche fields and associate with experts from all around the world.

The mission is to create a network connected to key networks in potential fields as a link to the value chain.

Fields of activity

Our main fields of activity are agriculture and food industries:


International trading and supply chain management


Greenhouse management based on EPC project.


Agricultural inputs regarding Seeds, Fertilizers and Pesticides


We are ready to collaborate with all foreign companies who are interested in investment in whole or part of projects in the region


Based on our facilities and possibilities, accept Joint venturing and representing of brands


Share and exchange knowledge and data as required


Our commercial brands in different fields presenting as below:

Pexis red

is focused on the agriculture value chain and its target is the new generation of related industry


is a supplier of the best Iranian saffron in different grades for the export and consumption market


is a brand of various food products such as dressing and sauce based on organic and healthy ingredients



project management of more than 50 hectares land in north of Iran under two large-scale greenhouses in Anzali and Siah-Kal

Professional substrates

Providing any type of peat moss according to the requirements


Fresh and processed berries will be supplied by demands


Supplying, purifying, and packing any type and grade of Persian saffron with guaranteed quality forward to global destinations in bulk or customized packing on criteria

Seedling and Tissue culture

Depends on the requirement of the customer it is possible to take care of seedling and tissue culture

Let's Join


Pars Exir Co. is interested in partnering with an credible ornamental flowers company to explore various opportunities, such as:

 •  Investing: Pars Exir Co. welcomes any opportunities in form of partnership with the other powerful companies. It can join them in production, projects, R&D, innovation, or social responsibility.

 •  Licensing: Pars Exir Co. can obtain the rights to produce and sell the ornamental in Iran or other markets. It can also grant the rights to the other  party to use its technologies and methods for smart farming.

 •  Knowledge sharing: Pars Exir Co. can exchange information and expertise with the European company on topics such as greenhouse construction, shading systems, fertilizer, poisons, pest control, and anti-hail solutions. It can also learn from the European company about the cultivation, processing, and marketing of ornamental flowers.

 •   Production: Pars Exir has all the facilities and investment power to establish cultivate process and production due to meet all target market needs and requirements.

 •  Commercial : Pars Exir Co. has a mission to be a hub for distribution of ornamental flowers internationally doing all necessary activities for distributing developed products.

 •  Representative: Pars Exir Co. can act as a representative or agent of the other party. It can provide services such as market research, customer service, logistics, legal support, and quality control for the other party and its products.

Greenhouse Project management

  • Considering all aspects of a greenhouse, our planning team provides forecasting execution and financial reports containing all possibilities and case scenarios that can help the team
  • The main concerns are maximizing productivity with lower costs. Therefore, resources will be managed wisely and conservatively by choosing the best-fitted suppliers around the world
  • All targets will be indexed and evaluated the results by the KSMs analogy. Quality of processes will be secure by QA and team performance will be monitored all the time with agile methods